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The Trouble Ticketing System (TTS) is a component of the Micus Alarm and Control System (MACS) that allows you to detect equipment failures, and to open trouble tickets used to document and track equipment repairs. The trouble tickets allow you to select the repair procedure, to assign a technician responsible for the repair, to track the action taken and, upon completion of the repair, to close the ticket.

Through the configuration process, you create a list of events that cause the TTS to open a trouble ticket, a list of suggested repair procedures for the equipment, and a list of technicians responsible for the repairs.

The TTS is a multi-user client/server application, which consists of a TTS server and one or more TTS clients.

The TTS server receives all event reports from the MACS and checks them against the trouble ticketing database. If the event is on the list and there is no ticket already open for that event, the server opens a new trouble ticket. The ticket contains an automatically assigned ID, date and time of occurrence, site name and address, alarm point name and address, and fault description.

Users interface the TTS through the TTS Graphical User Interface (GUI) client. The TTS client is a Windows application, which allows you to: select a recommended repair procedure, assign a technician to do the repair, accept the repair assignment and enter notes about the repair, suspend, resume and close the ticket, view and print the trouble tickets list, create end-user defined reports, email tickets and reports, and more.

For additional information on TTS features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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