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Your business depends on your infrastructure, security of your premises and environmental conditions for your personnel. To ensure high quality of the service you provide to your customers, the environment, equipment and security must be controlled at all times.

Controlling a variety of equipment from different vendors, integrating it with the building and perimeter security, and adding to it environmental controls can be a hassle. Staff often has to run from one equipment rack to another, to use a different computer program for each task or piece of equipment, and to access the equipment located in faraway sites.

As a solution to these frustrations, MRTS developed Micus Alarm and Control System (MACS), a computer based system that allows users to control all of their equipment, security and environment sensors from any location using a single, friendly, easy to learn and understand user interface.

MACS will ensure the smooth operation not only of your infrastructure, but of your business, by allowing you to:

Maintain Quality of Service. Improve response time, cut down time. MACS will immediately alert you and your personnel of equipment problems. Instantly identify and solve problems before your clients have even had a chance to spot them. Reduce repair costs by finding and fixing equipment failures before long-term damage occurs.

Save Time. Condense and shorten employee training sessions. MACS allows you to connect a variety of equipment to the MACS server and monitor and control it using a common user interface. Train your employees on one interface for all of your equipment.

Increase Productivity. Eliminate tasks vulnerable to human error. Automate many otherwise labor-intensive tasks. MACS simplifies the job for your employees by providing easy to understand graphical images, and keeping a text event log for viewing and analysis. MACS makes the job convenient by providing remote access to all sites and equipment. Dial in or connect over the network and monitor your equipment from anywhere.

Here's how it works. You, our customer, design graphical images to represent your service, sites and equipment. You then create a list of personnel responsible for each piece of equipment you want monitored, for the security and for the building environment. MACS takes care of your sites, and monitors, controls and configures your equipment. Should any change in status occur, MACS automatically alerts one or more individuals responsible for that site or equipment. MACS also:

Reports changes in the environment, security and equipment status as user-defined text messages
Updates all graphical images affected by the detected changes in the environment, security and equipment status
Maintains an event log
Automatically sends pager, email and fax messages
Allows for multi user access, using LAN, WAN and RAS connections
Runs on either a single computer or on a number of peer-to-peer or hierarchically connected servers, which may reside in geographically distant locations
Allows for rapid and easy customization for each customer's specific needs

For more information, download the MACS brochure from our Download page.


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