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Usage Billing Server (UBS) is a computer-based system, which fully integrates and automates the entire subscriber billing process.

The UBS automatically collects billing data on an hourly or daily basis from the servers that provide a communication service. It analyzes billing information and stores it into its own database.

Once a day the UBS examines all customer accounts and generates monthly billing statements for those accounts that are due on that day. Monthly statements may be saved as text files and e-mailed or faxed to the customer.

Account daily updates can be automatically e-mailed or faxed to the customers, or posted on the web page.

Communication service providers can define any number of service plans offered to their customers. When opening an individual customer account, the operator selects the service plan which best suit customer needs. Upon request, customers can always switch to another service plan.

The UBS graphical user interface (GUI) allows operators to manually bill an account at any time, or to examine the account status. The account management commands allow operators to open or close customer accounts, and to modify account information.

All UBS actions are displayed in the main window as event reports and saved in event log files.

UBS is a multi-user system, implemented as a distributed client/server application, which runs either on a single computer or on a local or wide area TCP/IP network. UBS runs under the Windows operating system.

The system is highly modular, thus allowing for rapid and easy customization, according to the specific application requirements.

For more information on Usage Billing Server features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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