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Your company may be a communications service provider, in which case it probably has a number of remote sites, such as satellite downlinks and cable head ends. In these sites, you may have a variety of equipment from different vendors. Or, your company may be in the security or environment control business, so it requires a number of sensors to monitor site security and environment.

To provide a reliable service to your customers, you need to know the exact operational status of all of your equipment at all times. You also need to monitor the environment and the security of your sites. In case of equipment failure, power outage, or intrusion into your site, you need reliable and immediate notification. If your sites are unattended overnight or over the weekend, you need automatically sent pager messages to report mission critical equipment failures.

To monitor your sites, you will probably need a combination of text messages and graphical images such as regional maps, site diagrams, schematics and equipment front panels. You may want to include on-line documentation to guide your technicians through the repairs and maintenance tasks. You may decide to go even further and fully automate tracking of the equipment repair process, and integrate it with the alarm monitoring.

MACS Site Manager offers a fully integrated and automated yet cost-effective solution to all of your alarm monitoring and equipment control needs. The product is based on our standard MACS software that runs on a robust rack mounted computer, under the industry standard Windows operating system.

For more information on MACS Site Manager features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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