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RIF communication options

As a service provider, you probably have equipment located outdoors, in manholes or unmanned remote sites. You may have a variety of equipment that requires remote monitoring and control. You may also have a number of sensors to monitor site security and environment.

To provide reliable service to your customers, you need to know the exact operational status of all of your equipment at all times. You also need to monitor the environment and the security of your sites.

In the event of equipment failure, power outage, or intrusion into your site, you need reliable and immediate notification.

MACS Remote Interface offers a fully integrated and reliable, yet cost-effective solution to your alarm monitoring and equipment control needs. It monitors digital inputs, controls output relays, and allows you to monitor sensors and to control various automation devices.

Using optional internal components and external inverters and shaft position encoders, you can even operate heavy industrial machinery and electrical motors, or remotely adjust the position of your remote site antennas.

You can communicate with MACS Remote Interface using a variety of methods, from telephone lines to Ethernet and wireless networks.

The MACS Remote Interface is designed for outdoor operation. It is usually mounted in a NEMA watertight enclosure. Its operating temperature range depends on optional components. The minimum temperature range is -20 to +70 C, but it can be extended to -40 to +85 C.

The MACS Remote Interface hardware consists of a PC104 format single board computer and a variety of interface cards. The size of the unit depends on the number of interface modules installed in the PC104 stack.

A patch panel mounted inside the enclosure allows you to connect variety of industry standard sensors and motion control devices. The panel also provides power for the active sensors.

The MACS Remote Interface offers several power options, such as 100 - 240 V AC, 12 - 24 V DC, and 48 V DC.

The product is fully compatible with our standard MACS software and MACS Site Manager product. In addition, an optional SNMP agent allows you to interface MACS Remote Interface with any SNMP manager of your choice.

For more information on MACS Remote Interface features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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