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As a service provider, your company may have a number of remote unmanned sites, such as satellite downlinks and cable head ends. In these sites, you may have a variety of equipment from different vendors. You may also have a number of sensors to monitor site security and environment.

To provide a reliable service to your customers, you need to know the exact operational status of all of your equipment at all times. You also need to monitor the environment and the security of your sites.

In case of equipment failure, power outage, or intrusion into your site, you need reliable and immediate notification.

MACS Remote Assistant offers a fully integrated and reliable, yet cost-effective solution to your alarm monitoring and equipment control needs. It monitors digital inputs, controls output relays, and allows you to install optional software components to monitor and control other equipment over serial lines and network connections.

You can communicate with MACS Remote Assistant using a variety of methods, from telephone lines to Ethernet and wireless networks. The product also acts as a router, thus providing network access to the equipment connected to your remote site Ethernet segment. To protect your network the product uses a built-in firewall.

Although rich in features, MACS Remote Assistant is surprisingly small in size. It comes either in a sturdy 12.7 x 10 x 2.7 chassis, or as a 19 x 15 x 1.75 1U rackmount unit. It operates on 19V DC or 100 - 240 V AC.

The product is fully compatible with our standard MACS software and MACS Site Manager product. In addition, a built-in SNMP agent allows you to interface MACS Remote Assistant with any SNMP manager of your choice.

For more information on MACS Remote Assistant features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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