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Many companies, especially those with offices in geographically distant locations, face the question of how to provide employees with up to date corporate information, and how to train their workforce in a consistent, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Traditional ways of organizing conferences, seminars and training sessions are expensive and time consuming. This is why an ever increasing number of companies are switching to the concept of Business Television (BTV), based on MPEG stream and UDP multicast via IP. Live events or prerecorded training sessions are broadcast to the employees over the corporate IP network. The employees watch the programs using media players on their computer workstations.

Running a BTV broadcast center is a complex task, particularly in the environments where several TV channels require attention at the same time. Delivering a high quality of service in a cost effective manner and with a minimal resources requires a high degree of automation.

As a solution to automating your BTV broadcast center, we offer the BTV Broadcast Scheduler. This product specifically addresses issues such as: loading program schedule from the spreadsheets, automatically playing MPEG files on the selected channels and at scheduled times, operating video switches to broadcast live events, editing schedule and generating various reports.

BTV Broadcast Scheduler is fully compatible with other Micus Real Time Software Inc. products, such as Micus Alarm and Control System (MACS) and Trouble Ticketing System (TTS).

For more information on Business Television Broadcast Scheduler features please refer to the brochure available on our Downloads page.


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